The AEPREPOL association has a collaboration agreement with IMF Business School, a national reference entity in the distance and online training of professionals in technical areas. Thanks to this agreement, all members and followers of the association can benefit from a variable discount according to the required degree, never less than 5%, according to the wide educational catalog of the school.


For this, they should contact AEPREPOL through the contact form.


IMF Business School is an international business school, which has trained more than 110,000 students since its creation in 2001. The school has an innovative educational platform through which it teaches official and professional masters and more than 900 courses in Technical Sciences and Engineering, Health Sciences and Education, Economic and Business Sciences, Legal Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities. Among its master's degrees, the Official or Own University Master's Degree in Prevention of Workplace Irrigation (PRL) and the Master in Online Cybersecurity. At present, the school has offices in Latin America and Europe, and different agreements with universities on five continents.